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Abjosh (Munakka)

Known as the Sultana Currant, they are oval seedless grapes, which are typically larger than the normal size dried grapes. This joyful pack of Abjosh comes from Afghanistan, the land...
Rs. 240.00

Acidity Free Mukhwas

A powder form of mukhwas is a real blessing for aged people or people who just don’t like to chew much. Acidity free has natural ingredients which have been proven...
Rs. 300.00
Almond Brittle Chocolate (7PCS) Sale -10%

Almond Brittle Chocolate (7PCS)

Made from California Almonds & real Butter. Nutty indulgence , with 40 % of the product containing Almonds. 7 Pcs  Box
Rs. 240.00 Rs. 216.00
Almond Brittle Coffee 200Gm Sale -10%

Almond Brittle Coffee 200Gm

Sinful Combination of Salty Caramel, Dark Choco, Coffee and Roasted Almonds.Made from California Almonds and Real Butter.Nutty indulgence ,with 40 % of the product containing Almonds.
Rs. 390.00 Rs. 351.00

Almond Deluxe Mukhwas

Most recent addition to the family of ‘flavors mukhwas’, this one has broken all records for popularity. Goodness of almonds which is roasted to such perfection along with crunchy kharek,...
Rs. 350.00

Almonds Barbecue

Almonds are the everyday snack food of champions, and these Barbecue Almonds are the most amazing combination of salty, spicy, and just a bit of sweet.
Rs. 475.00
Almonds Blueberry Sale -10%

Almonds Blueberry

The sweetness of blueberry combined with the nutty taste of almonds is what we all want to beat the blues. Almond blueberry will leave a mellow tanginess in your mouth...
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 428.00
Almonds California Jumbo Sale -10%

Almonds California Jumbo

Be it a special occasion or a simple craving for something sweet, almonds notch up the wow factor in any preparation. Jumbo in size, these almonds are perfect to add...
Rs. 385.00 Rs. 347.00
Almonds California Premium Sale -10%

Almonds California Premium

Make your mornings healthy with these delightful California almonds. The best of great taste and great health, these almonds are specially imported from California, USA because of their ability to...
Rs. 325.00 Rs. 293.00
Almonds Chocolate Sale -10%

Almonds Chocolate

Nuts covered in chocolate is the best thing one can have and cherish it. It’s delish, it’s sweet and also tasty. We are pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed....
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 428.00
Almonds Mamra Sale -10%

Almonds Mamra

Mamra Almonds come from the beautiful land of Afghanistan and the best part of it is that they are grown organically and not chemical. They are typically bought in their...
Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 900.00
Almonds Oregano Sale -10%

Almonds Oregano

Oregano spiced almonds are totally irresistible as they have a perfect Italian Flavor !!This savory snack is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including zinc that supports healthy blood circulation and...
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 428.00
Almonds Pani Puri Sale -10%

Almonds Pani Puri

You ask why? We say why not! The flavours of chatpati pani puri wrapped around crunchy almonds, will leave your taste buds wanting a whole lot more. Each bite of...
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 428.00
Almonds Peri Peri Sale -10%

Almonds Peri Peri

Peri-peri almonds are pleasurable to eat because of their savoury, yet spicy profile. It will make your boring and everyday food an adventure. We have rediscovered the power of herbs...
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 428.00
Almonds Pizza Sale -10%

Almonds Pizza

Yes, you heard that right. Now, enjoy the cheesiness, spiciness and sauciness of a pizza in your favourite almond. These flavours combined together are a vibrant chorus that get your...
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 428.00
Almonds Roasted & Salted Sale -10%

Almonds Roasted & Salted

Roasted perfectly with the right amount of salt sprinkled, these almonds are the best to have as a snack. They are super delicious and amazingly healthy. Roasted and salted almonds...
Rs. 400.00 Rs. 360.00
Apricots ( Jardalu) Sale -10%

Apricots ( Jardalu)

Dried apricots are consumed before a meal to stimulate digestion.Apricots are a great source of many antioxidants, including beta carotene and vitamins A, C, and E.
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Basil Seeds

Basil Seeds are popularly used in Ayurvedic and chinese medicine. The Basil plant is native to India and is credited for its immunity-boosting properties. It helps in losing weight, reduces...
Rs. 155.00