About Us – Prannuts

We all love snacking on food that tantalizes our taste buds but more often than not, we end up consuming unhealthy processed food that is not good for our health. At Prannuts, we want you to consume dry fruits that are packed with nutrients and fiber that will help you satisfy your hunger. Don’t you worry; you won’t ever have to compromise on flavours. We know how dry fruits are ingrained in our memories and Indian culture & our products reflect this emotion very well and give a twist to nostalgia. After bestowing you with our top-notch dry fruits for the last 40 years, we want to make your munching experience extra special by providing you with not just your regular dry fruits, but present a spread of exotic fruits that you didn’t know you wanted. We thrive to create an experience out of the ordinary habit of buying dry fruits and give you something that will scintillate your senses.

We have an array of dry fruits, Exotic fruits, Flavoured dry fruits and various dried seeds that will knock your socks off.

Check out our range of products and get entranced by our variety and unique products.

Why Us:

Our paramount goal is to confound all our customers by introducing them to the enigmatic flavours of exotic fruits, high-quality dry fruits and other quirky and tasteful items. We want to impart them with things they didn’t know they needed. A lot of our products are so rare, the very mention of it will make you want to try it and once you try it, then there is no going back. The sterling quality of our products, the sheer range of items and the arresting unforgettable flavours will haunt your mind long after you’ve left our store. You, sir, have been summoned by the great flavours of our merchandise. Don’t miss the opportunity and visit our stores now.




Pradeep Motiani

Has been in the dry fruit wholesale business for the last 15 years. He has a family history of past 40 years in the same field but felt that a lot more could be offered to his consumers apart


Hitesh Bhatia

Has been in the service industry for the last 15 years and very well understands how to cater the needs of his consumers, what is in demand & trending and what doesn’t work in the


Khushi Motiani

Has been in the design and marketing industry for the past 5 years and has a very sharp knowledge of the current trends of this industry. Decision making and product knowledge


Ekta Bhatia

Has been in the sales & marketing industry for the past 5 years and has a very confident approach where customer interaction is concerned. Clear communication