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Pringles Peri Peri

A tantalizing treat packed laced with spicy flavours, Pringles Peri Peri is what you need when it’s a movie night. It blasts with the right amount of spiciness you need...
Rs. 99.00

Pringles Pizza

Bursting with intense flavours, Pringles Pizza will let you experience its unforgettable taste and leaves you nothing to be desired more.
Rs. 99.00

Cor Nachos Peri Peri

How far can you go for a spicy treat? Well, you shouldn’t when you can just get your dose of spiciness here with Cornito Nachos Peri Peri
Rs. 35.00

Pringles Sour Cr Onion

A perfect triumph of flavours and India’s most loved flavour, Pringles Sour Cream and Onion is refreshing and deeply aromatic whenever you open the pack. 
Rs. 99.00

Pringles Original

It’s crispy, it’s classic and will never go out of style. Pringles Original are something that will have you salivating.
Rs. 99.00

Cornado Cheese Burst 100Gms

The goodness of corn and the irresistible taste of flavours make Cornado Cheese Burst our personal favourite snack buddy.
Rs. 55.00

Cor Tortilla Wrap

Wondering what should you have for dinner? We have the answer and you are probably gonna like it. Bring home these amazing Cornito Tortilla Wrap and have a soulful meal....
Rs. 190.00

Pringles Desi Masala Tadka

Every bite you take is wrapped with Indian spices. Excellent flavours and the consistency will tempt your taste buds in every way.
Rs. 99.00

Pastallio Elbow Macroni Pouch

Pastallio pasta is best served with tomato and cheese sauce. It is a healthy product full of nutrition. It can be ready in a very short time span with little...
Rs. 95.00

Barilla Farfalle Pasta

Farfalle Pasta is complete from high quality durum wheat which make it exceptionally healthy and nutritious. With no trans fats and zero cholesterol, this pasta is a wonderful for every...
Rs. 249.00

Cornado Tomato Blast 100Gms

Crunchy corn cones are your go-to-snack after a hectic day at work. Fuel up with its great taste.
Rs. 55.00

Cornado Thai Chilli Rush 100Gm

Made with the freshest and the finest ingredients, Coronado Thai Chilli Rush is your constant source of energy.
Rs. 55.00

Gulab Peanuts Hing Jeera 100Gm

It’s aromatic everytime you open the packet. This on-the-go snack is a perfect travel companion. 
Rs. 60.00

Gulab Peanut Tangy Mint 100Gm

The peanut offers the bright crunch when paired with tangy mint. Get ready to go on a zesty adventure with Gulab Peanut Tangy Mint.
Rs. 60.00

Gulab Peanut Spicy Masala 100Gm

Seasoned with flavourful Indian spices Gulab Peanut Spicy Masala is a great way to start a party or your day. 
Rs. 60.00

Gulab Peanut Salted 100Gm

Classic yet tasteful, Gulab Peanut Salted takes the centre place at the party table. It is the perfect choice for every occasion.
Rs. 60.00

Gulab Peanut Chocolate 100Gm

Coated with chocolate that makes it extra special. Gulab Peanut Chocolate is here to take away your midnight hunger pangs.
Rs. 25.00

Gulab Peanut Black Pepper 100Gm

Where’s the party tonight? Don’t forget to buy Cornito Party Mix, It’s your ultimate snack buddy for every party. 
Rs. 60.00