Mukhwas – Prannuts

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Calcutti Paan Mukhwas

Bursting with flavours of Gulkand, Menthol, Paan Leaf and Saunf, you will have a refreshing effect in every bite. After a heavy meal, Calcutti Paan Mukhwas is just the right...
Rs. 125.00

Acidity Free Mukhwas

A powder form of mukhwas is a real blessing for aged people or people who just don’t like to chew much. Acidity free has natural ingredients which have been proven...
Rs. 300.00

Almond Deluxe Mukhwas

Most recent addition to the family of ‘flavors mukhwas’, this one has broken all records for popularity. Goodness of almonds which is roasted to such perfection along with crunchy kharek,...
Rs. 350.00